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Grounded Big Time

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Well there is not going to be any progress on the Senior for maybe a week or two We came home from a fantastic 4000 kilometer trip up through the Pilbara Seen some beautiful gorges and Pilbara sunsets and now all of this is a distant memory as I battle a severe chest infection I only have 52% lung capacity thanks to Legonella virus that wrecked my lungs in 2005  so something like this leaves me as weak as a new born babe I will keep you posted on my progress 

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That’s bloody terrible Ron take it nice and easy mate and look after yourself. 
It must be going around I’m full of congestion too it’s bloody horrible. We’re into a snap 5 day lockdown again here. I had a Covid test to make sure I didn’t have it and I got the all clear. So I’ve just got a flu. 
Take care buddy 👍

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