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A question for Maine collectors

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I am not from Maine, but I recently read an article that concerns me greatly.(link posted at the bottom) The article stated that Maine was deactivating the registration on certain vehicles that were imported under the 25 year Federal import  rule and classifying them as "off-road" vehicles and therefore not road legal. Maine's definition of an off-road vehicle states “‘Off-road vehicle’ means a motor vehicle that, because of the vehicle's design and, configuration, original manufacture or original intended use, does not meet the inspection standards of chapter 15, the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards, the United States Environmental Protection Agency's pollutant requirements or the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration's crash testing standards and that is not a moped or motorcycle.” The tone of the article is that Maine is just going after certain imports it thinks offensive, but the wording of the new law, if applied generally could affect most collector cars. 


So, those of you in Maine (or elsewhere), what are your thoughts? Am I reading too much into the article?



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You have to watch those that legislate your laws and push back where needed. Where I live I can have no turn signals but my arm, one tail light, one windshield wiper, and etc because the car's configuration was legal when built and then grandfathered. Soon carbon based transportation will be banned if we don't get active in preserving our way of life.

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