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Lower Radiator hose replacement

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What is the process of replacing the lower radiator hose. I just spent 3 hours removing one, and it doesn't seem possible to replace it without taking something apart. Does the suspension piece that runs from one side to the next need to be removed?



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I wouldn't mess with the stabalizer bar, that's attached to the front suspension and you might have problems putting it back together taking that splice joint apart.  You simply need to work the new lower radiator hoses onto the pumps.  Put a little grease on them to make them slip on easier. Also put the hoses in some boiling water for a short time to limber 'em up so you can get them on the pumps.  I remember when I replaced mine and I had hard time to stop the leaking.  I used some very hearty hose clamps and then they worked fine.  You might as well take the water pumps off if you can and send them to Skip Haney in Florida to rebuild them.  You will have to sooner or later if they're old like most of them.  And if you don't have the brass diverters that fit behind the water pumps to get better cooling to the rear of the engine, great time to get a set.  Skip might have them, I think Chris Harrel has them at Boos Harrel Lincoln.  Good luck with it!!!!

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I finally got the hose on. Not easy. Didn't disconnect anything, but I did heat up the hose to try and make it more pliable. Heating it didn't help, much.

Now I can move on to figuring out my ignition problem... unless something else rears its ugly head by the time I get back to it.

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