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For Sale: 1973 Lincoln Continental sedan - $7,950 - Conifer, CO - Not Mine

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For Sale: 1973 Lincoln Continental sedan - $7,950 - Conifer, CO

1973 Lincoln Continental - cars & trucks - by owner - vehicle... (craigslist.org)

Very low actual miles. This car was purchased by my aunt in Fort Worth when it was just a few years old, it went to my dad, and then to me about 30 years ago. The car has never been in an accident and has less than 64,000 actual miles.

Contact:  no phone listed.
Copy and paste in your email:   4b20ac32b30331ba9c98302e59fa9481@sale.craigslist.org

I have no personal interest or stake in the eventual sale of this 1973 Lincoln Continental sedan.

Note:  Though perhaps not as unique as the 1960's Continentals, these are very nice driving cars that because they are underappreciated are a very good value when found in fine condition such as this one.

'73 Lincoln Continental sdn CO a.jpg

'73 Lincoln Continental sdn CO b.jpg

'73 Lincoln Continental sdn CO c.jpg

'73 Lincoln Continental sdn CO d.jpg

'73 Lincoln Continental sdn CO e.jpg

'73 Lincoln Continental sdn CO f.jpg

'73 Lincoln Continental sdn CO g.jpg

'73 Lincoln Continental sdn CO h.jpg

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I read that when Lincoln revised their mainstay

Continentals for the 1970 model year, they reverted

to typical front-hinged doors to capture Cadillac buyers.

Lincoln owners didn't mind the center-opening doors,

but it was felt that Cadillac-owning prospects wouldn't

like them, so Lincoln became more conventional.


I agree that 1970-74 Lincolns, other than Marks, are

much overlooked.  They aren't seen all that often, either.

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That was the publicly state reason but it had much more to do with the body-on-frame substructure sharing with the full-sized Fords and Mercurys for this new generation of Lincoln Continental sedans and coupes.  To continue the rear-hinged doors would have required dedicated tooling expense which couldn't be justified.  The B-pillar hinged doors allowed a wider door design, too.  The last of the uni-bodied Lincolns shared nothing with any other full-sized FoMoCo product and the Wixom, Michigan plant that had been engineered for uni-body production in the 1950's was changing over to body-on-frame construction.    Thunderbirds had changed to BoF for 1967 and the Continental Mark III which was based on that platform was as well.  Wixom built all subsequent full-sized 1970's Lincolns Continentals as well as the Panther platform 1980-2012 Town Cars there.

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Color is probably the biggest issue with this one.  I knew a guy that owned a '73 Fleetwood in the late '70s.  It was yellow with a saddle interior, but the yellow was a more muted tone and overall the car was handsome.  This yellow appears brighter and to me, doesn't suit the car as well.  A color change would probably make a big difference here...

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