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For Sale 1930 Model A coupe

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1930 Model A coupe 5 window located in Foxworth, Ms. $6000 OBO Mostly garage kept have more pics could only post 3. Maybe me not sure if I’m doing right 

email: idontwantaliger@hotmail.com

cell 504-430-9662 or 601-740-0833 can send more pics to cell phone via text




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We could use more photos, but  also more info.

Is it yours? If so, do you have  clear title?

Does it run? If not, is the motor frozen or free?

Any rust?

Is it complete?

I think those are the basics.

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It is my fathers car, the title is clear he drove it into the garage where it is parked at now in 2009 - there is a little service rust. And on two fenders there is a bolt hole that has some rust that he said should only require patch weld. And there is a dent in a fender that he said could be hammered out. As far as complete - he says it needs glass the braces for the roof frame and to be upholstered. I do have more pics but for some reason it only allowed me to load 3. I have 13. 

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Not unrealistic if body is as good as dad says it is.  


An afternoon spent seeing if you can get it running, even off a temporary gas can, would be time well spent if you can do it.  Also allow you to snap some outside pics.


Post it on Fordbarn and Model A section of this forum as well.


Not a lot of wood in coupes, looks like ypu have a new kit for the roof which is nice.  


Good luck with it.

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Thats fantastic!!  Hope the boy joins MARC and/or MAFCA!  Like every kid in the country, he must have fb, some great A sites there also.

Glad you were able to sell fairly quickly and thanks for taking the time to update us!!





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Great going Mr. 15 year old and good luck!


When I was that age I bought a similar coupe(all one color LOL) for the going rate of $500.00 in 1976.

I drove it the night I brought home, peeing water out the tail pipe with an inside crack cylinder head..


Today that 1976 500 bucks is just under $2,400 in 2021 buying power.

If you double it to a grand in '76 it would be like paying $4,800 to buy the ad car above in 1976.

.No way would anyone pay 1,000 bucks for that unrestored coupe in 1976. 

But they will today spend  the 1976 equivalent of $4,800 (plus$ ) on such car.

(Are you following my drift? (Cuz I'm not.)



Funny in a sad way, how most of the upper class and new breed lower class AACA folks would rip this old car down as not even a parts car, if were a '30 Buick or Cadillac  and wine about being upside down and not worth restoring and all that poo poo !


Thank goodness during the golden age of hobby vintage car collectors and restorers ,most all didn't have that piss poor attitude or we wouldn't have so many great old cars around today!


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