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1970 Camaro SS 396 4 speed

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Where was this when I was young and stupid?    Yes it is a rot box,  but a real SS396 Camaro is a very cool thing.   And this has a matching drivetrain, original tag and some nice paperwork.


I like it.  I just don't want to restore it.






Block 3969854 Casting date: L 7 9 Stamped T1210 CTX (VIN is stamped by oil filter on block)
Heads 3964290 Casting dates: Left L 4 9 Right L 3 9
Intake 3955287 Casting date: L 9 9
Carburetor 7040205 EH dated 3379
Exhaust manifolds Left 3909879 Right 3916178 (have not checked dates but I'm certain they are original)
Distributor 1111999 Dated 9G21
Alternator 1100843 Dated 9G24 (61 amp, not sure why it's on a non AC, non power window)
Water pump 3969811 Not positive on date, difficult to see clearly)
Starter 1108393 Dated 0 A 8
Fuel pump L or I 36T40727
Original TCS solenoid 1114434
Muncie stamped P0T5B (December 5th 69) 661 case VIN stamping 10N500590
12 bolt rear code COV dated 12 10
Radiator original Harrison Left tank IF Right tank XY
Fan shroud 3973920
Yes, the grill was replaced in 1972 grill because a bird crashed into the original grill many years ago. The second owner preferred a black interior, so he dyed the entire saddle interior black, aside from the kick panels. I have a pair of 70 bucket seats for the car along with most of the other interior parts needed.

Mike 5oneeight five2six 3three7nine



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Friend of mine had one like that he bought new.  Had a 4-11 rear gear in it. He had it changed to a 3-73 to help keep revs down. It was still the fastest accelerating car I ever rode in. Even felt faster than a hemi Road Runner I once got a ride in.

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Dont know on this one. As similar as they are to Firebirds they may as well be the complete opposite. No comparison in any way to price, value, desirability, rarity, etc., etc.

Having seen and done worse, nothing with this one would scare me away considering the drive train, but no idea on what a finished version is worth. Dont see alot of the early second gens compared to 69 models.  Even with the 396 not sure I would pay the asking price. But as the saying goes, theyre not making any more of them.


One of my pet peeves in the car world is when something original to the car is said to have been "born with". Cars are BUILT, not BORN!!

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15 hours ago, alsancle said:

The big block Camaro is much rarer than a big block Firebird.

Not sure about this,  Ive seen a couple big block camaros but never seen a big block firebird or even Pontiac for that matter.

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