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Hammun steering ajustment


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I checked in my owners manual for my 1929 3/4 Dodge Bros truck and noted the following diagram.E7CA33E4-171B-4B40-90DE-B2FEE48B3F0D.jpeg.1d70b1a5841bdaf4a8cc235c4ad20d05.jpeg


When checking my truck it appears to be a Hammun box as shown in my “Master Parts booK”



There is an adjustment bolt on the side and this appears to be the only adjustment.

There must have been a steering box change in mid-year production on these trucks.

The Hammun looks to be much more durable.

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I am still having too much wandering of my steering and will need to get it fixed.

I Found that item 25 has been braised to the steering column. Not sure if this will effect my adjustments.

Also having trouble taking apart a second steering box for a rebuild. That one is not braised.




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