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1983 Buick Riviera XX...looking for missing items...


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I bought the Arlington 20, it now rests in my shop...this car has been noticed by some over the years and it has some unusual characteristics, I does not have it's 140 mph speedometer in it, it is missing the wood covering for the dash and has the plastic pieces in their place, it is missing the proper steering wheel. Some one broke off the hood ornament, and is missing 2 of the Riviera XX emblems. I am endeavoring to secure the items I can before manufacturing the missing pieces...any help with this project would be appreciated. I also would like to acquire an un-cracked dashboard before having to repair the one I have. The location of any of the cars or people wanting to sell parts would much appreciated. Other than this the car seems to be complete and solid. I guess this is the start of a Journey...Images are of items sought and current state of affairs of the dash.






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