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G.M. Ross Coachbuilder / Car Designer - Denmark ? SEEKING INFO

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Hi all,

I recently acquired a large collection of original car and truck design blueprints and some drawings from the late 1920s-1930s. All signed with the name G.M. Ross. I acquired them from Germany but they appear to originate from Denmark (Danish text)

Does anyone have any information on the coachbuilder / company / designer? Some examples attached but there are many more in the collection










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14 hours ago, Andrew46Coupe said:

It might be worth posting these on the Coachbuild.com European forum. Someone there might know of a coachbuilder in Odense.




The drawing with the Hoffman front wheel drive setup is interesting. I don't imagine any of those ever got built.

Thank you! Based on additional searches, this seems to be "De Forenede Automobilfabrikker" or Thrige



The overall lot is a mix of cars and commercial trucks, as well as a few ships

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6 hours ago, 58L-Y8 said:

This blueprint looks to be for a Bentley, perhaps a Speed Six.   Clearly, G.M. Ross was a skilled, talented designer.

G.M. Ross - Danish auto designer blueprint.jpg


Very interesting! G.M. Ross was definitely a very talented designer and there are a very wide range of vehicles and body styles in this collection including many commercial trucks

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5 hours ago, alsancle said:

I see you have some of them listed on ebay. 



Yes, I am slowly listing and selling some items from this collection - there are many more still available that are not listed. I posted here seeking information rather than sale but am open to discussing if anyone is interested in them

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