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Chieftain 52 parts

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I need front and rear bumpers to my 52 chieftain convertible project. I also need front grille parts and steering wheels center(or what it is called). 


Problem is that I need these in finland and we don't have those here. This might be the only convertible that came to finland as new. It's been sitting in a barn for about 50 years and someone has torn this to nuts and bolts in mid 60's. This is gonna be a total restoration and not the easiest one. 


But I try to manage the shipping if I can find parts somewhere in US. 


Any help is appriciated. 

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joining the early times chapter would be your best source of parts and help, they have both a facebook page and a internet web site.


Charles L. Coker

1953 & 1954 Pontiac

Technical Advisor

Pontiac Oakland Club International

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