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Mopar mid 30s?


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These are 34s, not 35-36.  Center on 34 is two-piece and the hubcap snaps into the outer piece with clips on the caps themselves.  The 35-36 is a single-piece center, with clips riveted onto the outer side to clip to the hubcaps, which have no clips.  If you look on the inside piece on the 34s (from the outside) there is often '34' stamped into the steel center, between the lug holes.  Wheels are usually 4x16, which is stamped on the inside of the rim.

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Thank you

I have no idea where I got them. Too many moves and too much time.

I will give a good look Monday.

I gathered rims of the artillery design for my cpe. These are excess to my needs as I now have (5) 36 rims.

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