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Please verify 1939-40 Mopar window crank collection

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Bought these at the Carlisle Mopar show today. Seller says they are 1940 Chrysler. Please look at the picture, there are 4 different styles of window cranks and 6 door handles that seem to match. Any ideas as to actual applications? Thanks!


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Not a handle expert at all but a few observations from over the years: I'm thinking all the handles you bought at Carlisle are all DODGE items from various 40s-early 50s years & models. Back then the Dodge handles had skinnier shapes than Chryslers. 1940 and later Chryslers would have a smoother slightly wider shape as pictured. I'm thinking the cranks on the left side with the clear knobs are possibly 1946-1948 Dodge items. I don't know what the separate crank on the very top left is but I think all other round-knob cranks (application unknown) are all the same, the two on the right side with the darker knobs have more age & wear to them. Pretty sure the escutcheons at the top right are 50s Dodge Truck items. I've owned a few old Plymouths from 1946-1954 and those cranks & pulls had a distinctive style to them with the 3 little upside down Vs at the top. There are so many variations of different year & model cranks with knobs, you'd almost have to match 'em up at a large car show to know for sure. Hope this helps, maybe a real expert like Handleman on these Forums could give some positive IDs. 





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