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Early 8 cylinder Delco distributor


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Early Delco steel cup distributors are usually not stamped with 4 digit unit ID numbers (later cast cups mostly are).

As far as I can tell the distributor came off one of the following vehicles:


1915-19 Cole

1918-19 Cunningham

1916-19 Oldsmobile

1916-17 Oakland


My guess would be 1916-17 Olds. Early Olds "long-shaft" distributors are usually bracket mounted on the generator.

If you provide me with a closer picture of the drive gear I can narrow search down and look up the distributor in the catalog (also measure the OD of the gear and provide the number of teeth). 


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nickelroadster - I guess you're right, the distributor in question is not Olds.


mechanician - There are two early 8 cyl. Delco twist'n'lock type caps that will work on your distributor - Delco P/N's 12568 and 13854.


The cars that used these two caps are the following::

1915, 1917-19 Cadillac (12568)

1915 Cole (12568)

1916-19 Cole (13854)

1918-19 Cunningham (13854)

1916-19 Olds (13854)

1916-17 Oakland 50 (13854)


From the above the following cars used pressed metal type distributor cups:

1916-17 Cole

1916-17 Oakland 50

1916-17 Olds 44 ('16) and 45 ('17)


The pressed metal type cup is Delco P/N 12976. It was also used on a number of 6 cyl. cars.


Is the drive shaft of your distributor movable or removable? 

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The depth of knowledge on this forum never ceases to amaze... Quite the collection of distributors as well.


I have not attempted to remove the shaft.  It does look quite similar to the 12976. Thank you for the assistance.  Having been on the other end of a search for obscure parts it would be nice to find a home for it with an automobile that can use it.




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