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1950 Buick carpet and front floor mat.

Mr. Reed

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Hello I'm looking for a new carpet and front rubber mat for my 50' super sedan model 51 it appears to be parts of carpet sewn together. It's like a dark grey color. I'm also looking for a replacement rubber mat for the front. It's in good shape just want a better one. The carpet must look just like the original as well. Does anyone know of a reputable maker or seller of the carpet. Thanks Nick.

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I posted the below info the Helpful Sites area of this website regarding carpet.  I can't find a kit for my '49 and don't think there are any out there of worth buying.  You can get the carpet by the yard at Global and have it made.  Measure from door sill to door sill.  I think it will take you three or four "runs" of it depending on your Buick and the width of the carpet you choose.  I am going with Wilton wool and their price is much less than  other suppliers like Kanter and Hirsch.  I think Global supplies them.  I was told by a worker at SMS that Kanter supplies SMS Fabric's Wilton wool carpet.  Good luck!


Global Upholstery Supply - Carpeting, Convertible Tops and Upholstery. 

1445 South Allec Street• Anaheim, CA 92805

Tel: (714) 708-2220
Fax: (714) 708-2233



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If it's like 1949 Roadmaster it would be a wool carpet.  I am not sure of colors used in 1950.  NOTE:  I thought my carpet was dark palm green for years.  I lifted up the little carpet "skirt" that curls under the back of the front seat for my color example.  BUT I had a surprise when we took the front seat apart and looked under the metal trim that had been screwed in place since coming from the factory, I saw it was originally dark gray.

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The wool carpet used in American cars of that time frame, as far as I know, has not been manufactured for decades. A "Wilton" of some sort should get you close. Wilton is not a manufacturer, it refers to the weave and the machine that made it, traditionally in the UK, but maybe somewhere else now. Make sure you are getting wool.


For decades, auto trim suppliers had samples of three Wiltons, Wilton I, Wilton II and Wilton III. There were likely other types if you knew who to ask. As of about 5 years ago, two of the three were still available, although I don't recall which two. Of the two, one type was mainly used in British cars, the other mainly in Italian cars. Global, as Dan O mentioned, is a possible source. Veteran Co. in Los Angeles is another. https://www.veteranco.com 


If your original carpet is decent I think I would leave it alone.


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