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Lark VI engine malfunction.

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Hello all,


I'm currently working on my 1960 Lark VI and can't succeed to have the engine running on all cylinders, the dead cylinder moving from one to another with no way to understand what moves the problem between them.


I first believed the the problem laid in ignition issue, but after I changed all parts (plugs, cap, rotor, points, condenser, wires and coil) and took more attention to set each part better than I have ever done before, it improve a little bit, but still not OK. The best I can have is the engine running on "5 1/2" cylinder.


I also cleaned and set the carb with not more success.


When the engine is at temperature, I have a noise coming from the distribution  gears that make me feel it could create a camshaft offset.


Now the questions I have for you are the following ones:


Could a valve play not accurate create this kind of issue?

Could a worn timing gear fools the engine or should this "switch off" the engine once the issue is severe enough?

On the Net, I found several camshaft gears, but no crankshaft one. the camshaft one being in fibre, does that mean that it is the only one that usually wear out?

The car left inactive for more than two years before I bought it. Is there something that the time could have caused?


Any idea will be more than welcome..........


Many many thanks in advance for your advises.

Have a great day all.



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Check the lobes on your distributor, and see if one or two are worn down, (or even if someone installed an 8-cylinder lobe, I've heard of that in a slant-6 Dodge where it ran similar to your account).  



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Hi Craig.


Good point. I have a 1950 Champion, so I'm going to swap the distributors and see if it solve the issue.


Thanks for your help.


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Don't search on "the Net" for your parts.

Go direct to our sources.

And, no, the timing gear for the crank is also available, though the celeron gear is usually the first to go.

Procure a copy of the 1960 Chassis Parts Catalog and do your search by the correct Studebaker factory part number.



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it sounds like a worn distributor to me. Re timing gear, i doubt it's the cause, but first thing I do on any Stude I get is inspect and clean the oil pressure relief valve. if it clogs the gear gets no oil at idle. Shop manual tells how. It's near the right motor mount. 

I drive a 41 President and a 60 lark VI and this is all true for both...

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