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24 Dodge Brothers Roadster Brake problems

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I have restored all of the linkage, clevis connectors, brake linings, and adjusted the linings until they are even and slightly touching the drums evenly yet I have no pedal and very little to no stopping power. What have I done wrong?

Also, I have rebuilt the motor, starter, starter switch but cannot get a consistent starting contact. The motor barely turns over and often the contact to the starter doesn't seem to connect. Common problems?

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Make sure that the brake levers all lean backwards and pull toward centre.  If they pull over centre all leverage is lost and little braking occurs.  Also the brake linings should be adjusted to allow .015" clearance from the drums (use a feeler gauge).  This will give you even braking on both wheels and avoid dragging.  Start all adjustments from the back and end with the pedal. The pedal should be about 1" from the toeboard when the brakes lock the wheels.  All this is set out in the Book of Information.


Make sure the starter contacts are square and that you have a good earth. 

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