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For Sale: 1953 HUDSON SUPER JET 4dr sedan - $5,000 - VESTAL, NY- Not Mine

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1953 HUDSON SUPER JET 4dr sedan - $5,000 - VESTAL, NY

1953 HUDSON SUPER JET - cars & trucks - by owner - vehicle... (craigslist.org)

1953 Hudson Super Jet . This is my daily driver. Original 202 Twin-H-Power flathead 6. Brakes rebuilt/relined. Runs well and stops well. Solid body, original dash, working radio, heat works well all winter long. I am open to REASONABLE offers, not selling for a pittance. No trades please. If you want a daily driver with a definite cool factor, this is it. If you want a full resto project, this is a great start. Thanks for looking.  Transferable Vermont registration.   odometer: 58520,  transmission: manual

Contact: no phone listed.
Copy and paste in your email:  b2e183d8570c33a9a815b84f1aed10e7@sale.craigslist.org

I have no personal interest or stake in the eventual sale of this 1953 HUDSON SUPER JET 4dr sedan.









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I'm one of the (few, maybe??) people who like these little Super Jets. I never quite understood the criticisms of these cars. People say they don't like they way they look, but that's just a frame of reference thing, IMO.


Because they were made by Hudson, who were arguably making the best looking full sized American cars of the late '40's/early '50's, I guess people wanted them to look as nice as Hudson's big cars. But that's not realistic. They should be compared to other economy cars of the era, like the Henry J or the Crosley or some of the import sedans. In that context, I think they're fine looking cars. Nothing very dramatic, maybe, but pleasing in a subdued way.


As to this car: a solid looking and apparently running Hudson for probably under $5000. If the title is good, that seems like a great deal.

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Looks no worse then my 53 Cranbrook.  But much better in the engine department for sure. I would not mind it as a daily as is just as I use my mostly original 53 Plymouth that I got for a song just because it is a 4 door that nobody could get to stop from overheating. Was on the way to the wrecking yard. (Clogged water distribution tube).


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Brick under the tire and a leaky radiator.  Probably you'll find lots more.  Now how much do you want to spend for a very Ho Hum car and I like Hudson's but Jets don't do much for me and I've bought plenty of good cars that ended up needing alot more work than you would imagine and subsequent money.   So much that now I'm going to figure the whole thing is shot until you prove me wrong. 

Still working on my Turn key Dodge.  Yeah over a year fixing everything that was ready to go.  Now we are into some weird issues even pros are stumped by but I think I figured out.  Frustrating to keep fixing things and not have them improve the problem.  I've bought over $1000 in specialty tools just to fix it.  Atleast I will be able to use them on future projects but wouldn't have bought them if i didn't have this car. 

I'd like the air cleaners for the pickup as mine somehow got all beat up.  Beyond that there are still alot of cars out there for little money that give more bang for your buck if you are patient. I know of a 40's Sedan for less money with 24KMI nice chrome and a really nice original interior I might end up with, but I keep saying what do i really need a 40's sedan for? 

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To Auburnseeker's point , the windshield is soon to be clouded bad enough to effect vision.

I like Hudson's a lot , had 13 of them and restored several for others. 

But Jets are just not a fun car to drive.

If the front end parts are bad , you probably have to have pieces machined, very few spares avaiable.

This $3800 driver could cost you thousands to drive safely.

Ok if you just want to go around the neighborhood and ice cream trips until if breaks enough to be to expensive to repair.

I suspect that's where the owner is right now.

This is a candidate for a " Period Gasser". Probably sell on the Jalopy Journal HAMB site.

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Hate to see it possibly end up a rod,  but you can't save them all and I can bet for maybe twice this you could get a really nice Jet if so inclined.  We see it with all makes and models.  Good thing with Mopars like Brooklyn Beers is parts are pretty plentiful,  though even those,  are not always readily available at a reasonable amount.  A vibration damper NOS for a 49-53 engine is $400 from the one guy that has over 10 of them.  Fortunately I had access to a free one from My Dad's Desoto he hot rodded. Not to mention pulling the radiator to install it and not mark anything up on the restored car.      I ended up with $1000 in parts to replace the Exhaust and intake manifold on my 51 Dodge.  If you have time,  some stuff can be found real cheap.  If you kind of need to get the job done in a couple of months you may end up in my predicament where i had to pay to get what I needed.  Ironically that money spent only let me find more problems that I have since had to invest another 8 months and various other parts and tools to remedy.  Not to mention in and out of the garage and up and down on jack stands several times.   I know some of us like working on our cars to a degree,  but when one throws everything it can at you,  you get burned out.  Easy to reach that place on a car with little value and a very ho hum appearance and almost wish you were the one to push the button on the crusher so you can say you finally won the battle if by only using the nuclear option.  I'm close to that on mine and it's a good looking convertible that has really nice paint chrome and interior but I'm hoping I have the enemy cornered and they are preparing the white flag so I can call off the bombers.

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Not seeing all the gloomy mists.


Hudson parts are not hard to find and even  good sheet metal is not difficult to come by. The HET Club is very active and several specialized parts reproducers are continually expanding their catalogs. Expect to pay significant sums for small trim parts or chrome and stainless, but what's unique about that?  Jets have a very enthusiastic sub-club whose newsletter is "The Jet Set." A great many Jet owners have dropped in 308s with the Twin H set up and don't describe their performance as "stodgy," The tale here is the frame rails. If  solid, this car is likely a decent deal. If rotting, strip it and crush the hulk!


Peter S.

Alexandria, VA and Northville, NY

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