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Convertible Top rear window

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Has anyone replaced the Velcro on the convertible top rear glass ? Mine is peeling away from the glass and nothing I’ve tried seems to hold it in place. 

Is there a source for replacement Velcro ? I’m at a loss on what to try next or should I just take the car to a shop that does convertible tops.

Any advice / recommendations will be greatly appreciated.

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The best adhesive I've come across is 3M black super trim and gasket adhesive.  It's not cheap - close to $20 a tube, but it works better than anything else I've tried.  If you get it, make sure you get black, not clear.   It's readily available at most auto parts stores.


I had two TC tops  - one in excellent condition with a broken rear window and another with a good window but a well ventilated top - so I used this adhesive and did some stapling here and there.  It has held, however I doubt it would hold up to constant use.

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Thanks Nile for the feedback. That’s the 3M adhesive I used and it didn’t hold the Velcro to the glass. I at a loss on how to fix this issue. The Velcro on the actual top is great, just not the one glued to the glass if you understand what I mean. Don’t know a better way to explain it. Looking for Super Duper Velcro from somebody and I’ll start over unless someone here knows of a better way or has the Velcro strip/seal to sell me.

Thank Again,


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