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Need recommendations for transport.

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Good morning & Happy Independence Day.

I looked at the transport forum & saw several guys advertising there. Can anyone make a recommendation?    I have 2 cars that need to go from Hudson, WI to Farmington, NM. They're not old, they're modern. They belong to our pastor & his family who are moving to NM to serve at a church there. I'd like to get this arranged and paid for so they need not concern themselves with it. 

Thanks in advance for any help.

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Thank you Gentlemen for your support!




   This is a great thing you are doing for your Pastor & his family! I would have loved to offer my personalized service to help folks doing Gods work, but unfortunately except for a couple of fill ins in other parts of the country, I am now booked until mid September.


   The issues I see here  for trying to use guys like Myself or Dave Phelps (who is also a Quality Transporter) is that we can only do one car at a time & even with a big discount for this situation, would probably be more money than putting them on a major carrier such as Reliable, Passport. Intercity, etc that transport 6-9 car at a time. There are also large open carriers that are much cheaper, but I have no dealing with any of them, so I don't feel comfortable giving any recommendations for them.


   God Bless

Bill Squires(owner)

Bill's Auto Works



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If they will make they trip - put the money 

into making them roadworthy - drive down and fly back.




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