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1920 HUPP R-4 pinion gear lubrication


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Good Morning !! Hope I can ask a fellow R4 Owner....or someone familiar with the R4 perticulars....LOL. I have a copy of a R6 manual and most basics are very similar, however, I have been in contact with other R owners who mention greasing the pinion gear. I understand (maybe incorrectly) that there should be two grease fittings on the housing. I can not find these on mine. Either I have to look better (a genuine possibility, or, mine does not have them). The R6 manual mentions a plate on top of the pinion area that is removed and "cup grease" added as nessesary. Mine SEAMS to have a small plate on top of the pinion area, similar to description, but, just dont want to remove anything that should not be "touched". Just trying to keep the old girl lubed up and going. Many thanks!!


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