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Rolls-Royce Phantom II in 1947

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this snap shot was taken by Hans C. Hinrichs of St. Louis, Mo. in 1947 someplace along the Penna. turnpike. He notes it had New York  license plate # 5.

print was made in March 1949.   I am guessing that the car is either a AJS series or a late Phantom I. I have no further information.


PS Is everyone still happy to see this period photos and images?


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Walt, how nice of you to ask, I followed  the period pictures from the beginning and have visited 2 or more times a day. I’m sorry to say, that with  the latest change of the format I actually have lost interest because I will not open each and every subject with pictures or comments seperately. I loved to open the period pictures , as said , to find all at once and pick what took my attention. For me the way I exp. It now will my visting. This comment is not to offend, It’s what I feel, Johan





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