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1959 Cadillac Parade Limousine For Queen Elizabeth

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My Dad who was an executive supervisor at Chrysler Export-Import, drove this Imperial home and gave us kids a ride. Very cool looking up at the stars through the roof. The queen used it to tour Windsor, Ontario Canada.

Picture 26711.jpg

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Given her age, she probably holds the record for being driven around in the most different makes of limousines.  Besides their own fleet of Rolls-Royces and Daimlers at home, she has ridden in Cadillacs, Lincolns, and Imperials in North America, and Mercedes Benzes, Zils and Chaikas in the former Soviet Union, and most likely a Volvo 264TE or two while in Sweden.  And maybe a HongQi CA770 in China.  


Too bad providing a road test on each would have been farthest from her mind while being chauffeured around in them!



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