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1936 Dodge D2 5 door Sedan. What is approx value??

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This Dodge needs a complete restoration but is all complete.  I never restored it but drove it around quite a bit. Had a very strong engine that did not use any oil. It has been sitting for several years now, but feel I could still start it up and drive it. But old tires etc. I am too old to restore it now, so must sell.  What can I ask for it?  I know I should have taken pictures along with this post.

But hot out there now.  Will take a couple of pictures however and post. Has all the amenities of radio which worked, heater, etc. Drive at current speeds. I used to drive it to work at times and felt quite safe & comfortable with hydraulic brakes etc. If someone is interested to hear it run, I could get it to that point.

Lee Noga

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Brakes tires and fuel system rehab will likely run you around a couple grand if you do the work yourself as you always find a few more things that need addressing while you are in there.  Pictures are really the only way to tell. If the chrome is bad or the upholstery is really bad,  paint falling off, value will be alot less than if it's presentable,  even with some patina. Not running at the moment is going to scare a few people away as well just because a few of us have been down that path and came up with a lemon that needed expensive mechanical work that either forced us to sell off the project or suck it up and dump alot of money into a car that we wouldn't have bought if we knew better. 

What state is the car in?  or town and state would be even better as that will have some affect on the value as well.  Some cars sell better in certain places than other and major transport of a car like this will eat up alot of a potential buyer's budget. 

Would love to see the photos when you get a chance and give you a little better idea of value.  Do you recall if it had Overdrive?  That helps them keep up in modern traffic and not real common on 36's.  

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Hard to tell without at least pics but what really bothers me is can someone tell me for example a 36 Chevy let’s say real clean driver and a 36 Dodge four door trunk back both cars. The Chevy get anywhere from 8k. -12 k more. I don’t get it. Mopar basically no wood, hydraulic brakes, and a better motor than a GM 207 can someone tell me what’s up? I Don’t Get It 

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