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Unknown Car in the Woods

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Depending on how far it is in the "woods", this and other such finds make for some interesting speculation on how it got there. Was it driven (on a hunting trip, young couple out for some fun) and somehow broke down (looks like a very complete car when parked). Or towed there to hide or just allow to disintegrate(most likely story)? or was something nefarious going on (stolen car perhaps)? Looks like it has been there over 60 years, so many possibilities. Another "sleeping beauty"!

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Chances are it was just another broken down worn out old car that was left there. Back then it wasn't worth fixing anymore and it had no resale value. It was either driven there, pushed there or dragged there with a tractor. Out of sight, out of mind. There were quite a few of these old derelict cars left out in the woods and abandoned on farms in my area. Maybe? some are still there. 

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Well, someone stole the head lights, then someone stole the wheels.

Then some one broke out all of the windows, then someone jumped up and down on it, then some one shot it up.

The car has had had some interesting kind of life since its abandonment.


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