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'39 Ford Wood Rehab

Brendan M.

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I am refinishing the wood on my '39 Ford and came across what I think is wood filler in between joints on the body.  Looks like it might have been used as a seem sealer or something.  The picture shows the joint at the driver side wheel arch and the D pillar.  Is this wood filler or something else?


Also, can anyone give me a source for the welting that goes between the wood and metal wheel well?



wood filler 1.jpg

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It does look like someone has put some sort of filler between the joint's on your car. Over the years the wood tends to shrink and the joints loosen up. Can you post a few more pictures of your car? The welting is available from Dennis Carpenter, 704-786-8139 or Bob deake, 541-474-0099.

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Sorry for not responding sooner.  Having a hard time getting my pictures off of the Cloud.  As for the welting you mention, are you referring to the welting between the fender and body?  I need the material that goes between the wood and the metal wheel well.



driver side rear exterior.jpg

driver side rear.jpg

driver side rr interior.jpg

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