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Second Kissel Gold Bug - Model and year?

ron hausmann

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All - also need help here. These pictures are of a Kissel Gold Bug Speedster. But what model? What year? My guess is 1924 Kissel Deluxe Gold Bug Speedster Model 6-55. That’s because of the wire wheels and side mounts, skinny tires, two tone two bar bumpers, and that’s the only engine available in 1924.

862831E5-C573-4A3F-88EA-3B9877E0AE49.jpeg.ac7002ffeb4216b6092be4b269413beb.jpeg862831E5-C573-4A3F-88EA-3B9877E0AE49.jpeg.ac7002ffeb4216b6092be4b269413beb.jpegB982C45B-2BEA-4F36-AA51-B403936EE9C5.jpeg.87871804743bc14498030dc876143ba7.jpegED4E3E70-AB31-4120-A3C5-DB49ED3151B0.jpeg.b7fe8fe6b6bc2a7f9e418d7b29468fdd.jpeg   What do all you want Experts think???

   Ron Hausmann 

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