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Kissel Gold Bug -Model and year?

ron hausmann

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All - need some help. This is a Kissel Gold Bug Speedster but picture has no identification. My guess is that this is a 1927 or 1928 Kissel Model 6-70 Standard Speedster. That’s because of the rear spare, wood wheels, fat tires, short wheelbase, and folding windshield. 
   What do YOU think ????

   Ron Hausmann 


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A Kissel expert from Australia emailed me with an excellent detailed description of this 1926 Kissel Standard Gold Bug Speedster. it is a 1926 because it has a 1926 round spare bracket - it was flat in 1927. The car also has a 1926 hood, not a 2927.

the ca4 has been equipped with a non standard folding windshield.

question answered!

ron hausmann p.e.

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