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29 Pierce Arrow for sale

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Actually looks like a decent car.  Do you have headlight rims and lenses? Do you have bumpers?  Those are expensive things to replace.  Where is car located? What does interior look like?  Does it run and drive? What are you asking for it?


I like the hood doors on it, from the light on the running board and that, it may be one of the larger models made, do you know what model it is?


Email or phone number would be good to know too.  I know some people don't like putting that out there electronically, but you can write the information on a piece of paper, take a picture of the paper, and insert that into your post.  That way no internet robot can glean your information electronically.

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X2 on David’s comments, it looks interesting but the more information and pictures you add the more interest you can expect to get. People will ask about the missing parts, a good taillight is $1000 easy if you can find it, headlights are even more scarce, and the engine compartment pictures will tell another huge story about how much more is either there or not. Great potential at least.

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I have no other parts.  It ran when I put it in storage 10 years ago.  I intended to restore it and had so many other projects to complete I didn't get to this project.  The car in in Vancouver, Wa.  You can contact me at mjmckenz1@gmail.com if you have any real interest.  Thanks, M.

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