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1970 Mercury Cougar XR7 Convertible *SOLD*

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*SOLD* I tend to be pretty tough on cars and nit-pick them--it's my job. So when I say that this is as close to a #1 quality car as I've ever seen, you can believe it. I've always thought #1 quality cars were a myth, but here's one that I can sit in myself. It's just gorgeous! It's a real XR7, one of only 1997 XR7 convertibles built in 1970, and one of only 108 painted Light Ivy Yellow (thanks, Marti Report!). It shows 45,457 original miles and I know that's a proper reading because that stunning Ivy Green leather interior is 100% original, right down to the carpets. Beautifully preserved and loaded up with options, including a fully rebuilt A/C system. The paint is fresh and the bodywork is laser straight--unquestionably better than new. All the chrome was restored, including the intricate grille (headlights work!) and taillights (sequentials work!). The red pinstripes tie it all together, just a little bright flash that it may not have had originally (the stripes were probably black or green). Want me to pick nits? OK, the hood gap is about 1/16" wider on the passenger's side.


That beautiful leather interior looks far more upscale than your usual Mustang with lots of faux burled walnut trim. Everything works, including the A/C (which uses R134a refrigerant now), rim-blow horn, all the sport gauges, and even the clock. There's also an AM/FM stereo radio and a bunch of lights operated by the rocker switches in the middle of the dash. Seats are firm and comfortable and those are even the original carpets (albeit re-dyed) protected by two sets of floor mats, just in case. All the wiring is new, too. Overhead there's a new black power convertible top that fits tight but doesn't need a lot of fighting to latch. Trunk is detailed correctly with a plaid mat and spare tire cover, and there are zero signs of previous issues underneath.


The engine is the original 351 Windsor with a 2-barrel carb. Not going to set the world on fire, but torquey, smooth, and pleasant to drive. Dual exhaust was added to give it a little extra grunt and I like the way it sounds--appropriate to the Cougar's sport/luxury mission. Obviously the engine was rebuilt and fully detailed to show standards, with the optional chrome dress-up package being added during the restoration. Starts easily, idles properly, drives great. The low mileage makes it feel tight and the suspension was rebuilt with new bushings and shocks so it feels buttoned-down. Note that they correctly duplicated the overspray on the bottom of the car where you can still see red oxide primer, and the torque boxes and other support structures showcase factory spot welds, so it's never been tweaked or rotten. Power steering and power disc brakes are part of the package, and while the window sticker says it came with wire wheel covers, it now wears a set of optional styled steel wheels with fresh 215/70/14 BFG redline radials, the only real deviation from original spec.


Documentation includes previous owner history, restoration receipts, photos, and the aforementioned Marti Report.


I can count on one hand the number of cars I've had pass through my hands that match this Cougar--maybe even just three fingers. It is superior in every way. It is also sorted and ready to drive if that's your thing (it's mine and I'm having a hard time not getting in and taking this thing home every night). It's just spectacular. Price is $59,900, which may seem like a lot for a Cougar, but I'm watching garden-variety Mustang convertibles bring $50K pretty easily and they're not nearly this rare or this well restored. Besides, at that price, you're getting the restoration for sixty cents on the dollar. If you crave only the best, this may very well be it. Thanks for looking!


001.JPG.b82f83b4544a2b8e88784c410038f483.JPG  005.JPG.138a2c846dc8c68c8167cd92e30bbbb4.JPG  007.JPG.3fb00583696c1009a8dfcd008cc3fad8.JPG  011.JPG.6174d01de2bec49c4cd49b1797a24753.JPG


018.JPG.5c86ac6f9bea5058872a4ada8f40ccc8.JPG  031.JPG.300d6b9c2d89ad2a258d5868f4a98216.JPG  034.JPG.c69dd8f70d442ee92224aa0551e7a080.JPG  027.JPG.e2a044fed3b93d6ea83a65d49bf4896d.JPG


039.JPG.02b72c9f5e4f15d20070d0ca3b2862cc.JPG  041.JPG.8ed6e33af2fbb03d590bdb13c7fc6b73.JPG  043.JPG.65b656a90b5d7edc255e50e182f124c8.JPG  044.JPG.d17fad53d8b69f4848e733487e911401.JPG


052.JPG.ddb990b2f709832688b59b7699673e9e.JPG  057.JPG.07f65fae182d6628f1777dfa66c9301d.JPG  062.JPG.42856798f1d62873d3c1bed2e89c0ea9.JPG  071.JPG.5aead6cdc631433e143f58e1023e7f8c.JPG


069.JPG.82b47061d63999a8804783e7ebae0597.JPG  078.jpg.175613cf20a2e300494add25e2bac3e3.jpg  090.jpg.675863209ec5cbd37a44b7cf4388ed8e.jpg  035.JPG.3ba5d2e9a5137a4892fd23f7e808f41d.JPG


094.jpg.36ca80fe9fc2794e7267f7d6fbc40709.jpg  095.JPG.c264413b9ba82903203d18c9ba7c12de.JPG

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