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Weather forecast for Concord, NC, not 104...

38Buick 80C

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So @Steve Moskowitz said I was in charge of the weather for Auburn. I had to remind him it was 104 the last time I was in charge of the weather... for Concord in 2012. So with that said I wanted to point out the weather forecast had the BCA National taken place in Concord this week as planned, which is 91 tomorrow and Thursday, then 78 Friday and 82 Saturday with a chance of showers.


But since I'm in charge of the weather in Auburn it looks even better... 76 and partly cloudy for show day. Hopefully it holds like that.

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I was told as co-chair of the meet formerly-known-as-concord, I was in charge of weather. So I will take full credit for planning this weather 3 years ago :) 


Also, for what it’s worth, NC is 100% open as was expected by this time. It’s also interesting to see some of the people who voted against having this meet decided to register for Auburn. 🤔


I’m very much looking forward to Auburn and am quite thankful for the AACA’s hospitality and support of the old car hobby. See you all soon! 

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No matter which of you were in charge of weather in Auburn, you did a fine job.  I would pay good money for that weather down here in Texas this time of year.

On another note, somebody forgot to put sunblock on her feet and you can see exactly where the straps of her sandles are 😋

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