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Graphics Control Center Buick Reatta Sevile 88'


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I am new here and would first like to say hello!

A friend of mine has a Reatta 88' and now the GCT stoped working. A mechanic tried to repair and removed two parts (see photo).


It seems to me that the part was placed here(see photo)


Does anybody now which type of electronic part it was, or better does anybody have shematic from this monitor.

I am a electronic engineer and thought also about using a lcd display instead of the old monitor. It looks like this monitor where produced from Zenith for GM and it is an VGA standard from the 80's.

Because of the touch is more less stand alone against the display behind, this should work. Did anybody try this out?

Or it would be helpfull and important for me to get the pinout of the connector on left/top side on the monitor(see photo).



Thank in advance for your answers and I hope i didn't bore you to much with this

regards Georg

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