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Will Ford Gas Tank fit a 1937 Zephyr?

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I noticed that the gas tank on my 1937 Coupe is starting to  "weep" in two places. As it has been repaired at least twice in the past including Bill Hirsch slosh sealer perhaps the time has come to replace it. As I am in England the chance of finding  good used tank is nil. Has anybody used a Bob Drake reproduction Ford V8 tank in a 1936-39 Zephyr ? The 1935-6 car tank 68-9002 looks as if it might work. If anybody has experience of this it would be very helpful. Thank You.

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Call Boose-Herrel before you order the tank. Some questions to ask are:


Is it a direct fit? Some repro tanks require some modifications in order to install them.


Will my original sending unit work?  Most repro tanks will not take the original KS sending unit, you have to use the aftermarket resistive type sending unit that is inaccurate or modify the tank with the sending unit flange from your tank.


Does it have baffles to reduce sloshing? Fuel sloshing in the tank can cause driveablity problems


What kind of rust protection does it have? You must be satisfied with  the corrosion protection as fuel with Ethanol is more corrosive than the fuel that was prevalent when your car was manufactured.


On this side of the pond, we have services like Gas Tank Renu that will remove or convert all of the rust in your tank and then coat it with a material that is like a bladder. You might look for a similar service in the UK. IMHO it is a better solution than most repro tanks.


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Thank you both for your tips. I should have thought to ask Chris Herrel. Here in the UK we did have a number of Gas Tank Renu outlets but they seem to have all closed. At the moment the tank is holding OK but I will need to address this problem in the near future. Thank You.

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