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Front shock absorbers for 37 President - Planar suspension

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I would like to find out the correct size shock absorber for the 37 Presidents.   I replaced them when building the car but don't believe they

are doing the job as they may be the wrong working length.  I would appreciate some suggestion as to what others have used or how to determine the

correct size.

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First choice is get shocks from a supplier that are correct. But thought I'd answer the question... if you dont have compressed and extended lengths another way, measure what the compressed length would be with springs hard against the stops (a little geometry is required). Disconnect existing shocks and Measure extended length by jacking car up by the frame and let things hang. 


The compressed length is more important imo, don't go any longer than what math tells you. You'd rarely reach the extended length as measured above. Sometimes that is what helps control spring extension at extreme unload, I just dont like seeing much hanging-from-shocks on the lift.

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