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Water pump grease

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Hi all,


On my 37 Dictator, it has the grease cap at the water pump.  I did buy water pump grease at a restoration company.  What is the method for filling the cap?  Is it as simple as filling the cap with grease and then screwing it on?  I don’t see any springs or anything on the inside.  I also don’t want it to fall off while driving.  Thanks.



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Yes that simple. And give it a turn every so many miles to relubricate until it bottoms out. A system commonly used on farm machinery in the early 20th century. No need to even have the grease gun handy to grease the fitting.

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Those cars with zerk fittings on the water pump (I'm talking about YOU, 1937-48 Cad V8s!), were delivered with a short water pump grease gun operated by *turning* a T-handle on the end 90 or 180 degrees for a dose.  That is, a lever-operated grease gun will blow the damn seals!  I recommend a good ol' grease cup for water pumps all the time except show judging when you can remove the grease cup and install the zerk.  I don't trust my memory....

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