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Hard feeling brake pedal

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Less that 200 miles ago I had new brake pads, new rotors and new brake calipers installed. Also a new/used brake accumulator,  which I was told was used for less one year. Now the brake light and anti lock brake lights are on and the brake pedal feels very hard. Any idea what is the source of the problem? Mine is a 1991 with the 6 cylinder motor.

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1 hour ago, JFranklin said:

Time to go back to the brake shop and drive through their back wall blowing your horn all the way! Well maybe just let them put things right. The work they did should be covered or the lawsuit most likely will go in your favor.

But, all the work they did, likely did not cause this HARD brake pedal!        The ABS portion of the brake system has failed, not the service brakes!


Paul Fernando, you need to determine if the PUMP/MOTOR ASSEMBLY has failed or whether there is a loss of voltage to the MOTOR, rendering it inoperative.  Do you have a Factory Shop Service Manual for your TC?  A PM to me for further advice would be in order.

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1 minute ago, JFranklin said:

My thoughts were mostly to take the car to the shop and let them finish the brake job.

You can certainly do that, but DON'T BLAME THEM FOR THIS PROBLEM.  This is something related to the ABS system.

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