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1925 Big 6 truck, at Vice Grip Garage

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Good luck on finding an SV-34 Ball & Ball carburetor!


Before watching the video, the number 34 was not in my Ball and Ball (S)ingle (V)enturi database. Lots of holes in Penberthy Ball & Ball information.


In 1925, Studebaker used three different SV carbs on the Big Six passenger car: SV-14, SV-29, and SV-30.


In 1926, the SV-33 was used on the passenger Big Six.


By 1927, while retaining the Ball & Ball carburetor, Studebaker started using Stromberg carbs, and by 1929, the Ball & Ball was discontinued.


Both S.A.E. size 2 and size 3 Strombergs were used, and were cross-flanged. Unless it is absolutely necessary to retain the Ball & Ball, I would consider either an OX-2 or OX-3 Stromberg, depending on the intake manifold flange size (S.A.E. 2 or 3).


These are not common, but at least one has a better chance of finding one than winning an argument with the IRS ;)



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