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Pre war brake return springs *UPDATE*

a griffin

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Looking for brake return springs for 1933 Lincoln KA. Does anyone have a shop they know of that has prewar brake hardware?


I've been through the books that were available at the local parts houses, nothing particularly close. I've called a few ford suppliers and even spoke with a Studebaker guy.



I'm in contact with a manufacturer and have come up with a replacement set of brake springs for the car. Preliminary cost for a full set of correct springs (20 springs) is just shy of $500.00! This is the 2nd estimate I received for roughly the same dollar amount.


What do you think? Acceptable cost or quite high?

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For our '28 then years later '30 Hupmobuggy mechanical inside band stoppers  ,we spent hours scouring modern brake return spring kits ,comparing and single non auto related spring offerings just to pick and chose, 2 from here,4 from there etc..


All were just close subsitutions that worked out O.K.

It isn't easy! 

If you have samples to go by..you have a great start and some you may have to reuse.

 I don't think you will find ready 1933 listed replacements in sets or? ..

.It's up to you to see what others ended up doing (which your trying to do😓) but most of the time other's can't tell you because 95% of guys do not document these things.

Standard answer is,

" oh yea,we had that problem and found the parts,but I don't remember were we got them or the sizes..

I think a guy named Norm or Ted at some meet in '87 gave us a tip..but he is dead now". 


If there are any straight regular regular hoop and hook end springs or pressure springs McMaster Carr maybe of help and Restoration Supply..

 Later 30s into the 40s Lincoln maybe 50s and 60s jobs might share some springs.

I see sets like 1939- 64 Lincoln and Buick plus others on ebay with pictures..Take a look and see if any springs match?

Some kits are over 50 pieces for 35.bucks!



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Find a shop that makes springs, you may be surprised at what they can do.  I was looking for one of the tiny springs that hold the counterweights in the the distributer .  I talked to a local spring manufacturer expecting to be told that it was too small or I needed to order 1000 springs.   Instead he said no problem come back in a week and I will make a couple of spares.  I don't recall the cost but it was very cheap.

I can't help with a contact, I ma in Australia.

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I'm lucky in that I have all of the springs. I will not reuse any of the original springs for this build as I find these to be an extremely important piece of safety and will not waiver on that. As you all know, brake springs are subject to extreme pressures constantly and these being almost 90 years old, it's time they are retired.


If close replacements can't be sourced, I will have new springs made.

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8 hours ago, dl456 said:

Do you have dimensions and specs?

I just had a few early Wagner Lockheed made.




I have the originals that came off of the car and have measured out the appropriate dimensions. Can you share the company you used to replicate your springs? I've contacted 6 companies and have gotten response from one. 

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I used a local spring shop that I have used many times before.

Timac in Xenia, Ohio. 

I can provide contact info. but you should be able to find one local to you.

I suggest you post the dimensions and specs. Some one here may be able to help.



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Sounds like there aren’t many other options other than paying the price.  Would it make sense to see if the price per spring is lower if you buy more?  If yes, you might be able to sell the extras to reduce your overall cost.  

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