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Oil drainback hole for universal joint housing


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Working on getting my transmission rebuild back together and im noticing the oil drainback hole for the rear bearing doesnt make alot of sense.  The manual says the ball joint should get filled with grease (which doesnt make sense either) so you would'nt really want transmission oil getting in there anyways.  But the drainback is right against the ball joint housing. 


I could carve a notch out of the gasket between the two but that would only give a drain the thickness of the gasket, and the universal joint would likely fill with oil because of slow draining through such a small opening.  Im considering notching or drilling the ball housing to meet the drainback.  This would allow oil into the ball and universal joint which seems better than grease, and would be a level controller to drain oil back into the trans when the ball has enough oil.  Anybody seen this setup?  Am I missing something?




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