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What sealant to use?

Dudley King

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I had to do this, too.

Not sure what you mean by sealing them. Are you talking about the inside of the panel (metal) or the wood veneer exterior or both?

The panels were originally sealed on the inside with undercoating/sound deadener. I would treat the metal with that before reinstalling so as to prevent rust from moisture. Keep a little of the metal free of the undercoating around the edges so that when you glue them in place you have a good clean surface and they will sit flush in the frame.

I used a good wood cement when installing them into the frame of the trunk lid.

As far as sealing them on the outside I just used Spar varnish and made sure I got it into the seams between the trunk lid frame and the panels.

I am sure you could use some sort of clear sealant, too, to seal where the panels (exterior side) meet the frame, before varnishing.

Make sure you try to reinstall all of the blocks/screws that  hold them in, too. If you want you can shim the panels, as I did, to keep them tight against the frame while the cement is curing. 

I am sure someone else will chime in here with suggestions. I am only telling you how I did this.

Hope this helps.


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Hello Dudley, do not use a sealant with silicone in it. If it gets where it is not supposed to, varnish will not stick to it. I think you are talking about between the panels and the ash framing. When I had this same question for mine recently I never did get a firm answer. I would suggest regular latex caulk. I guess windshield sealer would work also. 


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