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430 exhaust manifold question

60s GM Fan

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While my engine is in the machine shop I figured I'd clean my exhaust manifolds up before they reinstall the engine.  Were the factory manifolds bare metal or were they painted/coated?  I'd like to ensure they're done right before they go back on my motor.

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AND while they are off get the mating surfaces machined FLAT at a machine shop. Better to do it now than when the engine is back in the vehicle & have an exhaust leak as the manifolds attach to the heads metal-metal, NO GASKETS!!!!   And tell the builders that also as in the engine gasket kits they ALL include exhaust manifold gaskets & since there are in the kit most/all figure if they are in the kit they should be installed which is NOT TRUE as Buik mounted them metal-metal.

Reason being heat disapation.


Tom T.

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On 6/24/2021 at 10:03 PM, KRmanr said:

What happens when Exhaust Manifold Gaskets are used on BBB's? 

They're less likely to leak.

Maybe at first but they will leak.  When using gaskets there is a greater chance to crack a manifold as gaskets do compress and if not very carefully torqued can put stress on the somewhat fragile casting. Truing the mating surfaces and not using gaskets is the preferred method. I did a tech article on this in Riview a few years ago. 

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