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NOT MINE 1931 Buick 8-94 for sale on E-Bay- Spectacular- NO RESERVE

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I spotted this on my daily visit to E-Bay where I regularly query on 1931 Buick.   This car looks fabulous and they must be intent on selling it as there is no reserve price.




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Buenas tardes: Mi buick es un X8-95 de 1931, phaetom, descapotable, siente asientos y volante a la derecha (hicieron aproximadamente unos 68 solamente para la exportación). 

Lo compré en Buenos Aires (estaba destrozado) y lo restauraron totalmente y funciona a la perfección.

Como puede ver es bastante mas grande que el que me dice.

Imagen 040.jpg

Imagen 042.jpg

Imagen 030.jpg

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On 6/24/2021 at 12:28 PM, Matt Harwood said:

$10 says it's a scammer looking for a deposit...

Matt wins $10...  Ad was pulled, disappeared right out of my watch list and is not available in current listings.  

Screenshot (332).png

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