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Richelieumotorcar contact info needed

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In my nightly look at the classifieds here, I have notice the past couple of days an inordinate amount of REALLY old ads being brought up. Several ads from more than twelve years ago have been brought up asking if items, cars, or related parts might still be available. I am not going to complain about such a thing. Sometimes, responses DO come back and needed items are actually located! Although, usually, any ad more than about four years old is unlikely to bear fruit.

Because of these several really old ad threads coming back up, I had noticed Richelieumotorcar comments coming back up also. My first immediate reaction was how wonderful that Richelieumotorcar had come back, only to be disappointed two seconds later when I realized it was only a very old thread.


I enjoyed reading his comments, and seeing the cars he was attempting to find new homes for. Unfortunately, a few people kept putting his family down for the poor quality of storage and care the cars had received. He was not responsible for what others had done in the past, and insulting his family was at best pointless.


It is bad enough to have to lose wonderful people such as Cadillac Carl to the eventualities of life! Do we really need to drive other good people away with pointless (whatever you prefer to call it?)?

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