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Temperature Gauge Guy..who is next in line?


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After speaking with the ever pleasent  Roy Martin"Temperature Gauge Guy" in  Burlington VT. about sending him the temp gauge set out of the '27 Chrysler 70, he told me, he is NOT taking on anymore work, has plenty to do for a while and is looking to sell the business after 20 some odd years .He is slowly writing up the needed info for some future transfer.

The gent he took the business  over from did it for 50 years.


His decision is a combination of conditions that hit many, if not all of us eventually ,which contribute to the winding down of one part of our life and to move on to other things.

  Hell,I gave up skate boarding at 55 for no reason other then my knees started to complain. Getting side- swiped by a texting mom swilling gin while driving had nothing to do with it.😜


So who is the next highly regarded temp gauge repair man?

Cuz..I'm looking.


I am also looking into fuel gauge and sending unit repairs or replacement(sending unit) and 2 companies I spoke with are in the 10 to 12 and 12 to 14 weeks of work back log.


Maybe 3 weeks just for a quote on the dash gauge..

And I really need a proper working dash gauge before the sending unit work is to begin .Gurrrr.


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