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European tourist coach 1930s


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I would like to identify a manufacturer or brand of tourist coach from a photo album from 1930s. A coach was used for a trip to North Africa in summer 1936. Tourist Agency was from Prague, Czechoslovakia (today Czech Republic), but coach should be from another country. Thank you very much in advance!

sken 088.jpg

sken 089.jpg

sken 090.jpg

sken 091.jpg

sken 92.jpg

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Correct ! One of the first Citroen busses was introduced in Paris in 1931 when Andre Citroen wanted to become a bus operator as well as manufacturer. Flat upright radiator means it was based on the Citroen C6 car. The first bus was a steel bodied Citroen C6G1 22 seater of which 800 were made between 1931 and 1933. A larger 29 seater Type U45 was introduced at end 1933 for long distance routes which Citroen entered in the Monte Carlo Rally!! Finished winner of class as no other busses on the Monte!  C6 was also a basis for a range of trucks.




Vintman (UK)



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