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1928 Pontiac Parts Needed


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I'm searching for the following parts to fit a 1928 Pontiac sedan:


- Radiator Cap (I understand 1928 or 1929 should both fit?)  If someone could point me to a generic that would work for the interim, that would be great too.


- Knob for throttle control 

- One or more door handles (exterior) 

- Light/Key/ignition switch panel


Would possibly also be interested in: (to have as spares)


- radiator

- wood spoke wheels

- radiator surround

- engine parts

- wheel center caps


Thank you!


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14 hours ago, JO BO said:

I wish you could take both my parts cars away for just $250.00.   






Maybe if I had somewhere to keep them!  I'd be interested in the door handles, and any of the other parts you might have from my list, though!


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