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Needed: Spark plug cover for 1927 Buick Standard


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Hi Steffen,


I have one for $125.00 plus shipping.  There is a dent in one end.


Shipping weight is 4 pounds 6 ounces from 90706. The high weight is because I made a wood box to ship it in so it will not get bent in shiping.


Ir ia to replky to  fred.rawling@live.com brcauseIMG_7699.JPG.946966e232909a1ef1ce8f88ec2325e5.JPG I do nt get onthe forum very often.







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Thanks, Fred !

honestly speaking, I don’t want to spend so much for the cover in this condition.

As shipping costs may be high, when it’s boxed in such a large wooden box, i would search here a bit further.

There is a cover actually on Ebay for <$40, unfortunately this is for a master model…




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