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Convertible Latch - 1949 Windsor

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first question is, where did you ever find a replacement? second is how about a picture of the car. i have a 54 windsor convertible so these early convertibles are favorites of mine. i will go out and look at mine to see if i can come up with anything. looks like the door handle spring set up. push hard and get lucky.   capt den

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Thank you for the suggestion.  Dennis Bickford makes reproduction parts (575)443-1160.  Sorry, but I still can't figure how to get the handle pinned under the spring and collar.  It just doesn't seem to fit.  Any chance you can send a schematic or picture?  


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i did look at mine. i see no way to take it apart or to put it back together. maybe these were installed before the whole header was put together. beautiful car. i love the 49 grille. i need a bullseye headlight. any suggestions?   dennis

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