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1930s 2-door sedan id help please - possible 38 Olds or 37-38 Plymouth?


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The pictures are from a family album dated 1948.   I believe these are the same car - the "first family car".  I'm having trouble finding other online pix to identify it - the "slant-back" or "fast-back" is different from many models that come up when I search.  And I haven't been able to locate model "charts" for ID purposes.   My friend who knows a lot about antique cars thinks its a '38 Oldsmobile, and if so, I can't find the series/model specifics or a good picture.  It's also very similar to 1937-38 Plymouths, but again I can't tell for sure what year/series/model etc.  Any ID help much appreciated!  And what details helped with the ID so I can learn.  And if you can provide any info about the trailer, that would be a bonus! (And please forgive any improper use of terms -  I'm out of my  knowledge area :) )  Thank you!

05 1946-47 Ede & Johnny & Baby Sandy - pic 3 E&S Summer 48 STL pic only w tabs.JPG

06 1948 Sept - EJS & trailer & car at Charlie & Nell Davis' farm - pic 3 car & trailer pic only w tabs.JPG

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