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36 Plymouth

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Thank You both for your helpful replies.  Nothing worse than searching for something that likely is not out there, and that everyone (except me) knows is not out there.  I tried the Plymouth Owner's page as well, with no luck so far.  That being said, you never know what comes up unexpectedly - but knobs do take a lot of use and abuse over 85 years.  So maybe not that surprising ? 

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Sounds like an opportunity to make what you need and a few extras to sell. 3D printing can be your friend on the project if you have a good original to work from.


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Wow ! That's a lot of information I would not have guessed at !  Thank You !!!

While the e-Bay listing is most interesting, there was no convertible power top till 1940 if I understand correctly.

That tells me that these knobs were remade; He's 'reaching back' to make his new knobs applicable to earlier years.

No complaint there - just the opposite !  I still need what I need, and this is a valued, real option !

I'd say that I'll  use just this, but I also need knobs for glove boxes, wipers etc... Gotta think about it !


New manufacture also explains the 'set screw' in the side of each knob - so as to fit a variety of male end sizes protruding from the dash.


Plus O/D's - and so the knobs - were made for more upscale makes - given O/D was not available for Plymouth until 1952 - and Dodge until (??)  

Of course Desoto and Chrysler had O/D's much earlier, starting 1934... but not Plymouth.  A friend says that O/D's could be 'dealer options' for

Dodge and Plymouth in earlier years - something I know nothing about.


Looks like someone else has cleverly used Terry Bond's 3D printer idea.  Wish I had the equipment and skills to do just this very thing myself.

I should look into this, so if I can learn it --  I can then "go wild" !!

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