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Dodge/plymouth artillery wheels for sale

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I have a set of four artillery wheels that I believe are 16", 10 hole 5 on 4 1/2" pattern for Dodge or Plymouth.  They are not real pretty, but should clean up ok with some sandblasting.  I've got $300 in them and would like to get that back.  $300 if picked up in Davenport, FL or $400 shipped to US lower 48 address.





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This is a Dodge wheel: (You'll note that it has fourteen "spokes" and fourteen corresponding holes between the spoke-like shapes.) Dodges used lug bolts rather than lug studs and nuts like Plymouth did. Plymouth wheels used a locating pin to help in placing the wheel on the hub. As a result, Plymouth wheels had an extra hole between the lug holes to place the wheel on when mounting to the wheel.




This is a Plymouth artillery wheel. Note the different number of "spokes" and holes. It was also used on Dodge trucks, because it was less prone to bending than the Dodge one pictured above:

Image 1 - Original 1930's Dodge Plymouth 16”x 4” Artillery Steel Wheel 5x4.5 bolt pattern 


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Okay understood. There are obvious visual differences that’s for sure between the two, what I didn’t know if the location hole in the Plymouth wheels. 

thanks for the info. I’ll put it to memory. 

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